Use the "APN" field to search for all listings within a particular subdivision corresponding to the leading portion of the APN.
Enter the first 9 non-hyphen non-space digits of the APN or Folio Number that is associated with that area.
You can enter more than one partial APN, each separated by a comma (no spaces).

For example, "304210014,023214030,304209013" can be entered in this field to locate the active listings
in the three subdivisions corresponding to partial APNs 30-42-10-014, 02-32-14-030, and 30-42-09-013.

Typically, the general structure of the full APN is as follows:

where the first two characters ("aa") represent "municipality"
the second two characters ("bb") represent "area/township"
the third set of two characters ("cc") represent "section"
and the set of three characters ("ddd") represent "subdivision"

and the final set of 4 characters ("eeee"), which are not used for this search, determine the exact property.